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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

make a new plan Stan

I will have to unlock all of my latent mutant powers to work out this situation. I have three weeks to move and no where near the cash to make a permanent move elsewhere, as planned. Bro feels that the house won't sell at all with my makeshift kitchen. It won't, I know that. But I also know that an empty house for as long as it will be on the market isn't good either.
Oh well. He's back to the whole sell everything because having it in storage is heart sickening and expensive. Well duh. Kinda like being with out a permanent address is heart sickening. And yet, when I explained again the series of unfortunate circumstances that put me in this position there was no "Oops."
He took and sold dad's plow before the house sold. He killed my trade deal that was getting the lawn mowed and would have gotten the driveway plowed, thus forcing me to spend almost 400.00 mo on plowing fees. But I'm an idiot. Of course he is now sugar coating everything. So the only one who thinks I'm an idiot is me. Wonder how that happened.
Kidding, I know how that happened. And I am an idiot. I am an idiot for believing that the people who were programmed by my mother are capable of behaving contrary to their programming. It serves neither my brother or my sister to rise above their program limits. They aren't computers. They are capable. They just choose not to. And I am not very good at reprogramming anyone but me. And even then it is a patch job. Sometimes its enough. Sometimes not.
It's just so frustrating. He says he'll help me move my stuff. But he broke two chairs and a love seat last time. And I only have so many pieces of my grandparents left for him to break. I know, I should be doing something other than blogging about it. But I have to be to work in a few minutes and I've only slept for about 5 hours.
So now that I have a great project to submit to Somerset started, I am upending everything again. Damn.
And because I can't end a blog on a curse... fill in this blank with whatever you feel appropriate. _______________.

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