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Sunday, October 4, 2009

1210 am

Wising it were already 2012 and I were sitting on the stairs with a mug of hot coco, watching the world implode with an ijmplacable eye.

With my luck, 2012 will get here and nothing glorious or inglorius will happen. Everything will keep right on humming like it did for the new millenium and Y2K and every other day some idiot with a concordance and a calendar says it won't. I want a do over.

The Great Cosmic Mulligan sounds like a Douglass Adams novel. It should be a Douglass Adams novel. Why? BECAUSE AT LEAST A DOUGLASS ADAMS NOVEL IS FUNNY!!!! Capital on the Funny. 42 point font the funny. Oh font the funny anyway.

Again, there is a lot to be thankful for. I have a great job. I have awesome coorkers. I have a warm place to live with hot shower even if it isn't all that quiet all the time. My relationship with my brother is on the mend. I know, talk about fucked up. And I am sreading my wee tentacles throughout cyber space and really making some good connections out there. My lament is that I am not making the kind of connections that I want to make. Sir Knight has broken his rule. And, as I could have predicted without turning to the last page, it was not for me. All the rib poking, neck rubbing, do anything for me things he could have done, the sweetest gesture to date that was done last week means, as usual... nothing.

I am the Great Cosmic Big Sister. Sir Knight's page told me that Sir Knight is quite fond of me and very comfortable with me. If that ain't the kiss of death to any romantic possibilities I don't kno what is. And I'm getting the same thing from all sides. All my married guy friends say the same thing that they have always said. "God is saving you for something special." What, prithee do tell, is sooooooooooooo fucking special?" Is there a kind of relationship that I haven't heard about that wil lburst on the scene that will make marriage pale in comparisson? What kind of plattitudinal crap is that? And my married girlfriends are aghast, simply aghast that I want anyone "That way" Hello? Did you get the memo, that was no stork that delivered any of your 4-8 kids ladies? And if the aliens are impregnating you I have even more reason to be jealous... I'm the Sci-fi geek!

Yeah, the whiny season begins....
I'm almost sorry that you guys have to read this drivel. But maybe someone else praying for my happiness will make a difference in my success.
Then again, this is the Cosmos we are talking about. According the to principles in the Secret, I am rejectin any good coming my way just with that bit of negativity. How convenient forthe Universe.

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