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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aside from the Starfleet credo which dictates how we behave and how we relate to new experiences and new beings, there is a simple rule I learned from Stargate. Specifically from SG-1 under Jack O'Neill's ledership with General George HAmmond heading the SGC: We don't leave our people behind.
That means when the enemy has cut you off from the gate while on expedition, either everyone fights to get through the offense to get to the gate or nobody goes. If by accident someone does get left behind, you get reinforcements and you go back and get them. It isn't because the Goa'uld are mean, gross and quite frankly self aggrandizing, sanctimonious and light years passed arrogant. It is because as a team, be it SG-1, 4, 15 or 12 (granted sometimes less with SG-12) you work together to survive, to protect the SGC and in the larger picture Earth. In any organization there must be cooperation. Leadership is important, but there has to be cooperation.
I have felt that way since I was a kid, well before I ever saw Stargate and probably before Roland Emmerich got involved with the concept behind Stargate. There was never any room for egos on the Enterprise (we forget about Shatner for this discussion since I am Picard's girl). And Jack never left anyone behind, even Tyler who turned out not to even be human. Not only does it make an individual's life easier but it makes things more efficient. It is best for everyone when the ego is put aside and the objective is the focus.

But that is Sci-fi kind of thinking. That kind of thing doesn't happen in real life. In real life, while you may band together with others who share your interest in a particular Sci-fi realm, it doesn't mean that they have accepted the philosphy. And here is the problem with me. I believe.
I believe in the Prime Directive. I believe we don't leave anyone behind. I believe the Browncoats were the Heroes. I have seen how wonderful a workplace can be when people work together for the good of a good employer. But not everyone thinks like that. Not all who participate in fandom believe.

I don't know what is more disappointing today; that what I thought was a team has fallen apart, or the possibility that we never really were a team to start with. It is not a stretch for me to think that my own enthusiasm for the concept of an SG-1 styled workplace was used against me. I am so disappointed in my team.
And I can't even blame it on a bad airlock or some creepy sea creature looking for its mate. We've let down our general Hammond for the sake of one person's need to be the center of attention.

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