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Thursday, November 12, 2009

signs signs everywhere a sign

Since so many of you have something to say on the subject and I haven't delivered the overview yet let me say this:
First My Diety and your Deity are one in the same. My diety and your diety were out hanging clothes. Said my diety to your diety let's sock Sherry in the nose.
And you have to understand signs. Bad Omens are reminders sent to you because you are about to do something really stupid, really dangerous, really dangerously stupid or totally opposite of what you shouldbe doing as a matter of morality.
A nun is a bad sign. After 12 years of Catholic school and the intense, albeit, subjective, instruction of man's inherent evil and the inevitablity of a one trip to Hell for all of our many transgressions, especially the ones that lie in our hearts, there is no better sign.
And lets also understand that with one exception, every date I've been on since I've been to this site has been accompanied by a sign. Sr. Ann Monica was the sternest warning that all is not well in this exploration.
Why would God care who I go out with? He probably doesn't. I totally skipped this step of development in high school. I don't know my type. If I'm not going to be alone forever then I need to get out and meet people to know. But I also know that those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it. The history that I am doomed to repeat at this point is my mother's.

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