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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homework? I'm not even in school!

Well the long list of things that I am needing to write keeps getting longer. So add to that list 1. the list of first for this trip: driving downstate by self, on freeways, kayaking, first time to a Metropark and nearly getting splatted within 500 feet of destination because I pulled a Rodney MacKay; 2. why I'll never drive my brother anywhere in my new car again; 3. the necklace I made on vacation. And that is just for the blog.

It would seem I now have a list of writing obligations that make blogging kinda difficult. I have a short fiction assignment to finish and a really long and painful letter to write to an old friend who is having some difficulties finding his worth in the world. An empath's job is never done. Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh!!!! I also get to tell you guys more about Matti! The new album is out in October and he goes on tour in 2011 but my stash arrives from Pheonix this weekend... I will have it in my hands by Monday. I'll take a day trip to go North and get them, hang out at the Wooley Bugger in Harbor (I know- peak fugdgie season. But I will break my rules for Matti.) and soak up the sounds. Which will amount to a book report on Schlager music. Yes I know Schlage is a security device company... I can not control how we contort things in this country.

Wow... I am all out of breath with anticipation. Anyway... I haven't forgotten my obligations. I'm just kinda mentally pooped.

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