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Monday, March 21, 2011

Peter Cottontail might be in trouble

This is it. The whole Magic Carrot kaboodle. Released by Playroom games, Killer Bunnies is at least a decade old and on the way down the rabit hole never to be seen again.

My brother bought his family a starter set and a booster pack for Christmas a couple years ago and they have been playing ever since. I get a special invite once in a while, as I have posted before. Well a couple of visits back in November and a play-by-play (almost) recap of te game's adventures set the boyfriend on his own quest. Four months of being strung along by two seperate game stores in the area sent him to e-Bay. We'll save customer service issues for another post. The game was bought on Thursday. It arrived Saturday. This is a still shot of the first game revving up to the exciting point. The first game is always a little dicey while the newbies are learning the rules. This game is especially complicated as it is a cross between rummy and war and each card is printed with special instructions. It is an expansion game like Magic the Gathering. And as I have said before in a previous post... it is totally for geeks, made by geeks.

I was not sure that the boyfriend would like the game. So I tried to talk him out of so large an investment. But his logic was that if he liked it a lot and couldn't buy them individaully before the rest of the booster packs were discontinued then he would be disappointed in a Marvin teh Martian kinda way which would be very ugly to witness. Thankfully he likes it a lot and the odds of him being disappointed are greatly reduced. And now I don't have to wait for an invite from the brother to play :)

So we posted this shot on our facebook pages. Brother is not happy to know that we have the whole set. And even more upset to know that he will spend a third more buying packs individually and that he is only two sets ahead of the discontinued rate.
BRO: So how do you know its discontinued?
ME: Internet.
BRO: Huh.
ME: What?
BRO: Seems like that is your answer for everything.
ME: Well that's one of the things the internet was built to do.
BRO: It's just so......
ME: geeky?
BRO: Sheldon.


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