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Thursday, March 10, 2011

things that make me sad

Walking under a full moon under Orion's ever vigilant gaze, I stopped and stared at my night time guardian for a while. I tried to help my boyfriend pick out the constellation correctly and said, "Its always a comfort to know he is there. But it's February. I really thought that he would be closer to the horizon this time of year."
I was thinking stellar drift and doepplar shift.
His reply. "You know he hasn't 'been there' for like millions of years." Those stars are probably long dead.

Thank you Buzz Killjoy.

I must be a sad little cowpoke for that to have upset me. But seriously, who takes someone's comfort away like that? I don't want to be fenced in but I do like to know that someone is watching over me. I can think of no better representation than Orion. I always thought of him as the Woodsman in Snow White... dunno why.

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