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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who Wants to Know What I Click on @ the Library

Mr. Atoz would poop his pretty little embroidered robe if he knew what our libraries are doing. Now to use the computer you have to register with your drivers liscense. I know. I know. I know. Who cares? After all the only place I go is youtube to listen to Matze, gmail to write notes that will be completely misunderstood by anyone who is not in my head when I write them, here to entertain or bore you guys to tears and maybe I go poke people on facebook. Big deal.

Well it is a big deal. If Google and Apple can't keep from leaving cookie crumbs on everything that we do then those mysterious 3rd party people with the megalithic data mining brains may one day be called upon by our governement to nark on us for what we write about. I know... so don't have a public blog. Oooh how very Chinese Government Bulldoggy of all of you who thought that. And see... that could get a person in trouble.

I can't help but have Orwellian and Huxley-an nightmares when I hear stuff like this. Because somebody is going to get a bug up there ass after winning a too-close-to-call election and decide that a certain type of person almost cost them their life's dream and use this data mining to go a-hunting. Not cool. Not right. and not fair. And what if someone who won by a landslide would like to go hunting for the "type" of person that their mother always taught them to avoid? Or that their pastor says is the bane of all human existence? And who is going to be the most compliant when it comes to helping these guys on their own personal vendettas?

Public Libraries. Afterall... they are government funded. So technically the government must have evry right in the world to know how its property is being used. Right? Um excuse me...... the government exists in THIS country for the people to allow us to govern ourselves and not be indebted, enslaved or indentured to a societal establishment. I my not have been the best history student in the world. But I know that we were getting pretty sick of the heavy handed way the English nobility lorded their "birthright' over everyone else as if everyone else was just another piece of furniture. And what are we doing now? We are sliding right back into that elitest crap that messed everything up in Europe for a while. And every advantage they can take they do wether they deserve it or not. So if the government which is being run by the people who call the shots in business and politics say that the libraries have to tell them who is using the puters they will tell them. After all who cuts off their nose to spite their face?

and what if someone who doesn't speak German sees all the german music I listen to and decides this little Jew-By-Blood is really a neo nazi? Matze's music is about love and life not death and entropy but will that matter to the next mutton-headed Czar-of-whatever-the-hell-the-government-fears-next? No. Oooh she listens to German music. She's evil. Get 'er boys!

And next comes the censorship.

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