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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So..... another teaser

Babylonian chimera

I am so happy with this even though it is simple and I think that I could do a much better job with flesh and blood tools than digital ones. I really like this. And it is going into my apartment in the game I started playing.

I had to manipulate the hell out of this to make it my own work. And I have to say, even with the limited fonts in the paint program I am happy with this. I suspect if I had Photoshop I could have played with this for hours... days even, and not been as content. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is give me options.

At any rate... this is sooooooo coool !!!!!!!!!!I know. toot toot. But c'mon. This is the kinda thing that I am talking about when I describe how essential to art it is for me to be a geek. I am totally into ancient civilizations and the trip to the Ishtar gate put the Middle East back on my radar. And... with the techniques that I have learned over the years, this could be an awesome real life work....

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