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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I did on MY Winter Vacation...

Smokey (upper right) and Precious,
temporary studio mates.

Mostly yelled at cats. The Internets were down due to a bit of random sabotage. Though there is speculation that it was not terribly random. The cats' family dropped in on Thursday. Completely unannounced and right smack in the Middle of Big Bang Theory. So I have absolutely no idea what happened in the only episode that I will be home to watch for the whole season. And last night Castle was nearly pre-empted by my brother... he has figured out that I am always up for Castle. What he has not figured out is that I know not to answer the phone.

I've done some painting, writing, spring cleaning, resting and watched way too much Turner Classic Movies. It is Oscar month and I did manage to watch a lot that was on my movie bucket list. And a few of those movies have inspired posts. It'll take a while to transcribe and post since I have a hard time reading my own handwriting.

And I will have to spend some time updating the art blog with the new stuff. It would have been nice to have the Internet for the last 4 days. I was going to work on the setting for my game too. Oh well.

Oh, I also had a date. Didn't plan on it. Nice looking guy, reminded me a lot of the last boyfriend in the face. And unfortunately in the logic versus emotion department too. He started talking about the ex way to early in the conversation. And I took enough out of that to be unaffected by the "good luck and good night" email I got in the morning. And I did learn, all over again, that there just are not going to be many people that I am going to want to be around in the capacity of boyfriend. I could have gotten on great with this guy in the classroom. But that is about it. And that is about how it goes with me. I love to have lots of casual friends to chat with, talk arts and geek with. But when it comes to the "long term committed thing" I'm pretty picky. And that does not leave me with a very large pond to fish in. And it just made me miss my ex-boyfriend to the Nth degree. And it kinda made me wish that I was someone other than who I am because there would still be a relationship. Curse my stubborness!

Had a friend stop by on lunch which sparked a conversation that is going to be a post too. As a teaser I will say that being interested in the wild and fantastical is not the same thing as believing in the wild and fantastical. Belief and Interest are two different things.

And for Oscar Sunday I did go into work to have a drink, use the spa and wisecrack with a Brittish-accented guest that lives in Florida. It was nice not to be there for a while. But it was also nice to be there and not feel compelled to fix everything or check up on my department. I need to do that on a relatively daily basis to keep my sanity.

All in all a good vacation. I have to do laundry tomorrow. I save that for the typical back to work routine. And I have decided that Cappi is the espresso machine and Fra Aviano will be my next bird illustration. So...

From Cappi, Phaelen, Smokey, Precious and myself.... Weeeeeeeeeeeeer'e baaaaaaack!

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