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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inspired by a Loud Bird

I'll warn you now... I am starting to feel a bit obsessive about peacocks and peacock motifs. It isn't really new. When I was in Utherverse I was throwing peacock themes into my Glassmalerei Wintergarten because they just lend themselves to the magic of stained glass windows. But I loved them in the 80s, along with heraldry and big chunky baubles. And as of late, while I have been working on the watercolor for the Christmas card, I've really gone over the deep end.

So as I do some research and submerge myself in the motif I'll probably share some amazingly boring facts that really might only excite me. For instance: Did you know that peacocks and pheasants are from the same avian family? I am going to quess quail are in the lot too. I had no idea. And I had no idea that they are commonly called spurge.

My dad had a different name for pesky birds: scourge. So not the same thing but may as well be for as welcome as any of them ever were on the farm.

Well, I am off to research and plot some paintings and what not. Most likely I will develop some images for rubber stamps too. Then the trick will be getting them produced. May have to hand carve some of those and get really cozy with Dick Blick to do it. oy!

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