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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Learning Curve

I had intended to purchase a new computer and get busy with the digital art and what not. I had not intended to have to learn how to use a computer all over again. Windows 8 is the next generation of computing. And I mean that quite methaphorically as well as literally. The way the thing works with all those tiles is probably about 3 revisions from having Okudagrams*... and the Yoga pad? That thing is already better than that data device first seen in Star Trek the Next Generation. And if I could have found the extra 500.00 for it I would have it.

But here is the thing. The old windows format is so ingrained in my head I am going to be weeks trying to assimilate the new way of walking my eyes, fingers and mouse across the screen. I won't be able to just ditch the old laptop and use the new one for the workhorse that I want it to be. But I see so many awesome things about using this touch technology. I don't have a touch screen. But I will next time. And one severe drawback, its something that I didn't notice was a designers choice at Microsoft because I thought that the reload for my software was fubarred by my having dropped this this thing and consistently having to upgrade. I did not realize in all of the updates that the cool fonts that I love are gone. I cant find Papyrus, Goudy old Style, gradl, black adder... I thought it was a system degradation. Nope.

They aren't in Windows 8 either. Now I have to learn how to add fonts to my programs so that I can have the cool things that I like to use in my artwork. The fonts that I built my studio logo around are gone. Castellar and copperplate gothic. Why? Well I guess if we want to start our own businesses and such, even if we aren't going to make more than a couple hundred dollars a lifetime we will have to pay to liscense those fonts. They have been free forever and forcing me to pay for them is pissing me off. And that is not the new computer's fault. That disappeared I  don't know how many reinstalls ago. I've been too distracted on facebook and whatnot to need them. I have been writing here and already accepted the fact that blogger, by necessity has to limit my font usage so I don't abuse your eyes. But to take them away from us like that was sneaky. Underhanded and well... grinchy.

Rant over: I do love the new Windows. And as a result of playing with it for 8 hours yesterday I know have wish list for the Microsoft and Blogger developers:

  • I want a custom tile for my blogger blogs so that while they are on my start up menu they look as cool as everyone else's tile instead of just that blue, orange or green square that is indistinct from everyone else's. Even to have the favicon in the center of the square would be cool. Call it the CNReilly (Charles Nelson Reilly- Hollywood Squares. Probably way before your time.)
  • I want my friends with blogs to have their own custom tile too.
Okay... for now this is it. I know there was more last night but I had a nightmare that wiped part of my hard drive and a date with a bookstore to get a free lifetime membership card so I can start saving the money on things that I have been buying even though I said I wouldn't. Like a Windows 8 manual.

OH...... THE FIRST SONG OF THE NEW ALBUM IS OUT! Well... you cna hear the whole thing on the website. THE WHOLE THING! Not just a snippet. The whole, glorious, wonderful new song "am Fenster". It is a cover. I'll look up the original from 1978 later. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

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