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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mysogeny in Geekdom? We haz it

Uncle Wil is always on the cutting edge of all things geek. And tonight I found the sad statements that boys don't want girls in the geek club. I wasn't sure what was being discussed until another fan shared the source material from the NewStatesman. The article is here

So the boys don't want us in their clubhouse? I know Penny is not a huge comic book fan but I haven't seen Stu try to kick her out. And no one rejects her cash when she is buying stuff for Leonard. But then, Penny has never pretended to be interested in this stuff. She pretends to be okay withe Leonard being interested in this stuff. But that is what good girlfriends do. So what about the rest of us?

I am a huge fan of art. I am a huge fan of StarTrek. I do not have oodles of disposable income to wear my fandom on my sleeve or anywhere else. But since I am a huge fan of Castle and it is one of those things that is not going to be ubiquitous like Trek, I did decide that with my limited funds for books of any kind that Castle would be my own thing. The Graphic Novels of Derek Storm. All the Novels that come out. Geeks everywhere love Nathan Fillion. But Nater tater is always going to be more rare than trek stuff. So when I get to a comic con and I go dressed like Kate Beckett- basically looking like a cop in street clothes- because I don't have the body to pull of any kind of costume that I really admire (Kate Beckinsale's Princess Anna to be precise) is some asswipe like Tony Harris gonna start vomitting at his table? I'd sell tickets if I could get him to barf on cue. Hmmmm....

Anyway, he accuses most of the girls at cons of being posers. He assumes that those girls who go are going as some kind of Preppy girl slumming thing because "Geek Chic" is chic. And those girls who are not real fans, but dressed up for Cosplay are preying on the guys like Stu and Raj who are so scared of girls that they would shit bricks if one actually talked to them. And this part, that he writes in all caps pretty well does it in for me:


How dare he? Who? Who in their right mind puts the kind of effort, money, time and anxiety over their costuming choice does that if they are NOT a fan of said thing that they are portraying? WHO DOES THAT? Hell, who really does that when they ARE a fan? I admit, cosplay is not something that I would really ever get into since I hated Halloween from an early age. And I think there is a fine line between appreciation and obsession that Geeks and sociopaths blur on a regular basis. frankly, my Matthias Reim fandom gives me pause to worry about my own stability. But that just means that I get the fan part even if I don't get the expression part. But really... HOW DARE HE? How can you make a snap judgement about some girl who walks in Hot Body or Hot Mess dressed as Leia in any stage of the movies?
How does he know wether or not the girls find Leia's strength an inspiration and thus the reason that they emulate her? Or Wonder Woman for that matter? Personally, if I could pull off Chetara I would. And not because it would make all the boys drool as Harris suggests, but because of what she represents as a figure of strength... the same reason that most girls would chose to be Dr. Crusher or Lt. Uhura. Granted, neither of them are too scantily glad. But there is always an emotional reason that someone wants to dress as a character. It is not to make the boys drool.

Harris further states:

And also, if ANY of these guys that you hang on tried to talk to you out of that Con? You wouldnt give them the fucking time of day. Shut up you damned liar, no you would not. Lying, Liar Face. Yer not Comics. Your just the thing that all the Comic Book, AND mainstream press flock to at Cons. And the real reason for the Con, and the damned costumes yer parading around in? That would be Comic Book Artists, and Comic Book Writers who make all that shit up

Would I give those boys the time of day? I don't know. Would I? I probably would. I talk to the CON attending boys at work all the time. And do you know why I talk to the CON attending boys at work? 1. Because they don't drool all over me like a piece of meat. You see, part of why the boys don't get any attention from some of us geek girls is because the second that they see us, they go into some weird kind of trance. And they start sending off these possessive vibes. They start getting a little weird, as if the meer act of talking to them means that we are beholden to a future of their envisioning. I know. It used to happen to me in school all the time. If you talk to a boy who is that desperate you've just signed on to be his first officer. As a matter of fact I had one tell me that God told him he would marry me and the mere reason for it was that I was one girl who didn't run screaming for the woods when he brought out his tricorder to play doctor. I didn't play doctor. And I didn't run. So I was a target. For the damned if you do and damned if you don't file.

There are certain types of boys I won't talk to no matter what they are. And those are the ones who give me the creeps. The ones who assume that talking to them means I will date them. And those who are so desperate that you can not reason with them on any level. I'll give them the time of day. But rarely more than that. I think that the real issue is that the Mr. Harris is so upset is that the mainstream press doesn't flock to the  artists who "make all that shit up." but they flock to the skimpy costumes. the skimpy costumes worn by people who can and can not pull them off are over shadowing Mr. Harris who would like a little more airtime to make his case that graphic novels are art. I think Mr. Harris feels left out and is seeking revenge on other victims of media. Mr. Harris, do you ever look at those comic con broadcasts?

The maintream press follows those girls around to make fun of them. Just like they make fun the boys who spend hours and hours making the costumes. It isn't the mainstream press who is making Geek chic. We are doing it ourselves because we have all come to understand that there is no reason to hide. Because we live in the future and can share out geekiness with others around the world and not feel so alone. Because we can share what we enjoy.

And the girls who have always hit a glass ceiling are showing up because we are getting tired of getting pushed away. You guys did it to us in kindergarten. In elementary school and in high school. You did it before we were all about who is hot and who is not. You did it to us in the age of cooties, pigtails and paper airplanes. I loved matchobox cars. I begged to have my own and if my gramma and grampa hadn't smuggled them into my suitcase I never would have had them because girls don't play with toy cars. You guys told me I couldn't play if I didn't bring my own. I brought mine to the playground and you still wouldn't let me play. I brought my own legos and you wouldn't let me play. You wouldn't let me fly  the paper airplanes that I made to bring to the oak tree. Some of those boys I had a crush on. Some I did not. But they all did manage to teach me that I don't need any of them.

If they don't want me. I don't want them.... thus the ever painful cycle of pursuing jocks unsuccessfully. And you know what Mr. Harris. Some of your boys would never talk to me anyway no matter how authentic the fandom I express. You know why? Cause I am NOT built like Angelina Jolie. I am not a barbie doll and I don't have natural anime eyes that need little help from the make up department. Your boys have their own issues with being able to appreciate geek girls that closely paralel your little rant. The exact same thing can be said of your boys. How many of them who are not built like Indiana Jones go dresses as the esteemed Doctor in hopes of landing a hot blonde? How many not built like Nathan Fillions go hoping to find that built like Inara chick to nail? You sir, are an idiot. So you know what I say to you?

Fuck You.
Verpiss dich!
a farti foterre
te pedicabo!
baszd meg

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