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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Collection

One of these things doesn't belong here. One of these things jsut isn't the same.

And you can play two ways. One CD is not Matthias Reim. And one CD is not music but it is Matthias Reim.

Today was day three of my vacation. And for a very pleasant surprise, the mailman delivered four of the CDs you see here. Sensationell, Wolkenreiter and Morgenrot which replace some of the seven that were stolen a few years ago and 10 Jahre Intensiv which is new to me.

It's been a great vacation day. I have missed these CDs. Matze has a great range of performing styles. And I love all of them. Ahem, even the country songs. Sensationell and Wolkenreiter are my favorite to relax with. There are quite a few toe tappers. But its the slow songs that make these albums for me, especially "Ich denk on Dich". From Wolkenreiter I prefer "komm ich nehm' dich mich", "mein herz ist kein hotel", "ich vermiss dich" and the title track.

Vermiss dich always makes me cry. It's one of the first songs that I heard that I didn't have to look up half the words. I knew what the song was about from the start. It was a song that helped deal with Sir Knight in our initial catastrophic failure. I love this music. As with Sting, he is a masterful storyteller and encourager during Life's troubles and the Heart's aches. They are songs that come from experience. And as much as I love these songs, I really hope that he is done having heart ache. Someone who has been through so much should sing more songs for joy like "nie mehr ohne Engel" and "Lebenslaenglich" and of course last year's Christmas album.

And maybe somehow, with the funny way that the Universe works, he will be able to do a project with Sting. How awesome would that album be!?!?!?!?!?!

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