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Friday, November 16, 2012

When In Doubt Post Twice: Game Conn in Germany

I know you all know how much of a geek I am, that I listen to SWR4 Baden-Wurttemburg from southern Germany. What I haven't told you is that I am improving my cold German reading by logging on to their home page for the news, recipes and what not. Guess what I found yesterday! This story:

As I have said before I am so in the wrong place. Yes there are a bunch of game geeks, which includes board games, at work. Hi Rob, Ryan, Kam, Ashley, Britt and Jenny! However, Germany is a country full of them. The extremely popular Ravensburger games and puzzles that I got hooked on when I was doing daycare come from an actual place called Ravensburg. I love my co-workers but I never get to play with them because of the weird work schedules. And in some cases, I just don't fit in. In trying to remedy that, some of us are thinking that we should get a game night going that is open to guests as well. But we have to see how that flies with ALL the PtB. Meanwhile:

In Baden-Wurttemburg this week there is a gaming convention for board games. And the latest Settlers of Catan has been unveiled. Settlers Baden-Wurttemburg. I read through the whole article to see what all was released this year. And I guess it was just an amazing year for games.

As I have said before, most of the German styled games are cooperative. They typically do not pit player against player in a way that encourages destructive life patterns. I say that as a victim of childhood Monopoly adventures akin to the Lehmann Brothers scandal of recent years. Game theory in applied psychology suggests that once you develop the character of thief, embezzler and raconteur in Monopoly you will have that character in adulthood. My own anecdotal evidence suggests this is so. The sibling who palms 500 bills from the bank in Monopoly should not be the executor of a will in life. Just sayin. I should have know better. But I digress...

Several of this years games employ a cooperative strategy similar to the one where Wil and his friends had to defend a tower from Orcs emerging from the woods. See tabletop on the geekandundry channel on Youtube. It is players v. the game. And it is far more exciting play that sitting there rolling dice waiting to be annihilated.

I need to be in Germany.

I need to make money to get there.

I am itching to get my cafepress store up and running so that I can have money to get there....

Okay... gotta go design something.

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