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Monday, February 11, 2013


Flipping between Facebook and Twitter for my morning eye opener has been habit for years. But this morning I think I broke it. I saw on Twitter that Benedict is quitting. Well... retiring. Due to bad health. I didn't know that abdicating the throne was an option for those guys. So I went to Facebook to make mention of it. And Facebook is down.

Facebook is never down.

There motto should be "Never not Connected" like Jimmy Pardo's is "Never not Funny."

But it is down.

So either the Pope thing is a very big deal and has gummed up the works or somebody did somebody's costume wrong last night at the Grammy's and the scuttle butt is a bunch of posts predicting potential new standards from the FCC.

someone made one too many Catholic jokes and the Big Guy is pulling the plug. Starting with Facebook so that no one is forewarned.

...and I've read too much Frank Perretti

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