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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geekdom adds some new tech

Can you really call it new tech? There are no gadgets or sound effects. But  I have added two new gadgets to the side bar.

The first is a Google+ button so that if any of this is terribly interesting you can follow directly from your G+ account. Sounds like I expect a jump in readership, huh? Just want it to be easier than the follow button for those who are streamlined.

The second button is a translate button. You have the entire range of languages' Google translate has at its finger tips. Maybe that will help expand the readership. Maybe not. But maybe it will be easier to understand in your own language for those of you who read regularly from various parts of the world.

And yes, we have a new look. The other was spectacular and stunning but... it was not as readable as I thought it would be and the busy background drowned out the pictures that I did post. So I am hoping to be terribly busy writing and posting again now that everything is settling into something reflective of my own style.

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