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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Broadchurch Today

which, as it is Sunday, I find to be highly ironic. Broadchurch is the closest I've been to church on a Sunday in years. BBC-America gave us a preview of Wednesday's premiere. I have to say I am hooked. 20 minutes into the first of 8 parts and all the teasing on Tennant's official fan page seems less mean than it did two weeks ago when I went looking on Netflix and couldn't find it. Not out yet. Duh!

My first thoughts
  • David Tennant is a chameleon and his abilities to portray a character "out of the sort" that is "typical" for him should be dismissed immediately
  • Alec Hardy will never say "Allon-sy"
  • I wouldn't let Alec have a sonic screwdriver either. Never trust a man with such a weapon if his expression is not softened with the offer of ice-cream.
  • Bad tempered and Moody Ten doesn't last long. Thank God.
  • Fun as Ten is; I believe Alec Hardy would be able to deduce a mystery faster than Ten. Except on a Sunday. Sunday's are so boring in most places that Ten should be able to concentrate enough to find a Dalek before it says Exterminate.
On cinematography
  • I know it is a seaside village but does the camera have to be all wibbly wobbly?
  • Dorset either never sees the sun even in Summer or the director sucked all the light out of this for mood. Atmospheric indeed.
On Plot
  • I need more facts to form any kind of a hypothesis. However... I have found several bits of great importance though their significance at this time suggests nothing but a deeper mystery.
In General, Broadchurch is going to give goose-bumps with every showing and I will most likely need a box of tissue handy. Surely this is one for mystery geeks every where to sink their deductive teeth into. Oh... and it is not a PBS Mystery co-production. It is being done in conjunction with Masterpiece.

For those of you wondering, still: Yes, I am Euro-centric. There was a time before Bruckheimer and Stargate when I would only watch PBS. And that is where my love of English Literature renewed itself. It would seem that with the repetitive programming in American television and the formulaic treatment of characters and plots even in the shows that I look forward to here in America, my Euro-centricity is regenerating.

One of the girls at work asked what I was doing here in America. Genetic lottery baby. I belong in Germany (as long as it is not against the law to sing the Sound of Music on an Alpine foothill), my taste for architecture an culture lies across the pond. America has turned out to be the great copy-cat and regurgitator* of all that it has called vanity in the past.

*regurgitator: person or thing that regurgitates. I just made that up but feel free to add it to your lexicon. I am.

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