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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Indulging in Holmes

So much discussion about the next season of Sherlock, so much anticipation for the new season that won't be here until Thanksgiving (for the US). That is too long to wait. so I have been indulging in Holmes the last few days with the collection of Jeremy Brett's works with Granada. I miss him, Jeremy that is.

Rather than abating the need for more new episodes... my apatite is only whetted more strongly. I started with the Bruce Partington Plans and am struck with something that I did not notice upon first watching the Sherlock version. In the Granada productions as well as the books, Mycroft and Sherlock have rivaling intellect without animosity. In the Moffat/Gatiss version the animosity between Mycroft and Sherlock is so intense that I had to study their interactions better.

Sherlock enjoys pricking at Mycroft's sensibilities. He antagonizes. And Mycroft seethes. He shows himself to be concerned by asking John to report to him... with pay. He constantly chastises Sherlock for his "deplorable" lack of manners when in fact Sherlock is well mannered if abrasive and dismissive of those who usually fail to meet with his standards. None of this is part of the Brett./Gray portrayal.

There is a huge part of me that wants Mycroft to be Moriarty, to pit Sherlock and Mycroft against each other as Cain and Abel. I can see how it could have happened between the new set of brothers. The old set were to amiable and comfortable in their respective positions and sharing a good many interests outside of the realm of puzzles and so I see Jeremy and Charles as two good old friends who do not always get to see each other but would if they could do so. The new Sherlock and Mycroft are rivals. If neither ever saw the other again there would be little concern and even less desire to chance a meeting. The rivalry is heated but well disguised behind that stalwart British composure and of course.... as is always the case with Watson, John would blind to the estrangement or the possibility of Mycroft turning Cain on Sherlock.....

I can see it. I can almost connect enough dots in what we have seen so far to imagine how that episode might play out. Almost.

Ugh..... November feels even further away now that I am actually thinking about this.

Perhaps it is time to renew my connection to Stargate.... get the British flavor out of my head.

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