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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Now I Know

Remember that icky feeling I had a while back when I was worried for people whom I care about? That sense of pending doom in which I anticipated bad news that thankfully didn't come from my German friends or my family? Well now I know what it was: Pending Doom on the scale of a potential World War. I go on vacation and come back to our president spewing more hypocritical idiocy for the global implications of that Doomsaying Feeling. And on a personal note I may soon be ****************[redacted per policy].

It is the Potential for a World War that I will write about when I am calm enough to do so. I am so angry right now. The news would have the World believe that the American people are up in arms over Syrian abuse of power. We are. But we are not clamoring for War. We are clamoring for answers.
  • If kids dying en masse is so egregious why didn't we step in with Darfur, Rwanda, Turkey?
  • If a dictatorial democratic leader is rummaging through his arsenal and dropping bombs on his own people why did we do nothing about recent Korean attacks
  • Why are we more scared of Kim Jong whoever is there than we are Assad?
  • We were late to Chechnya, Serbia, Croatia and we are saying nothing about India, Pakistan, most of Africa and parts of South American atrocities of a government targeting its own people so what makes Syria special
  • We've been promised withdrawal from the Mid East and now we are going right back. Why?
  • How many faces does our President have
  • how can a Congress that is so adamantly opposed to doing something for its own people, a congress which vigorously takes things away from us on a daily basis, sends our jobs overseas and then criticizes us for not working, who fights the President on any solution (granted a lot of them are just gas on a fire and should be vetoed) for the mess they have all caused be so eager to jump behind his idiocy on this one
  • Who gave them the technology and the science to make target practice on his own people possible in the first place
  • Which treaty is more important to uphold? The one with ALL OF THE EU, the one with THE UN or the one with FRANCE WHO BAILS ON US WHEN THERE IS A CONFLICT WE CARE ABOUT?
  • Less than 2000 people all tolled in this debacle and we are going to start a war. Millions elsewhere are dead and we go "Meh." How do you decide these things?
  • Do you even know it wasn't an accident? Britain's spy house says there is some evidence that needs to be explored before jumping to a foregone conclusion of war.
  • thousands more Coptic Christians have died in Egypt in the last 10 years while the Al-Qaeda groups are routing them from the land and we keep sending money to the Egyptain government which has done nothing to stop them..... HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE
  •  Is our government trying to bankrupt us ahead of Japan calling in all its markers
  • Are the business magnates so afraid of a middle class advance that they are willing to impoverish us all permanently by supporting this stupidity
  • Our economy is not recovered. The papers lie for the businessmen. We can not afford this coming war. We have cities falling down, Detroit is BANKRUPT and it is only the first in a line of dominoes to fall. War had drained us. It isn't going to make any more money for these people. It is going to kill our economy for good.
  • And one last question: who looks at a camel's weak knees wobbling under the strain of its load, knowing it is one straw away from losing its shit and either collapsing or going on a rampage to kill the idiot that overloaded it and says "Hm.... let's toss this straw on his back and see which option he choses." As if Vladimir Putin hasn't shown a ridiculous amount of restraint heretofore. How many times have we seen a picture of him barely able to keep from punching someone square in the face? Obama and Merkel have taxed him. HE IS WRONG. There is no question that he needs to lighten up. But when you can see the strain on a guy with a payload that could wipe out half the planet YOU DON"T POKE A STICK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!
          Step into Syria and he's done playing nice. I'm sitting on a couch in Michigan and I can see that. What is wrong with everyone else that they can't.

Syria is a bad idea. It is folly. It better be impeachable.
You go it alone in Euchre with a good hand.
You go it alone in Life if you are stupid, psychotic or so full of your own shit you don't care what happens to everyone else.

Ugh... Pissed again. And I have to get ready for work. So much for blogging about the awesome Geek-squeeing architectural tour weekend I had.

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