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Friday, September 6, 2013

Posing a Question

Please, readers, leave a comment to answer the question I will pose to you.

I've had a heated debate with my house mate about raising minimum wage and what the harm would be in paying entry level workers a living wage. The debate was brought about by the striking fast food workers. Fans of Costco and Aldi's already know that the corporate behemoths can and will make money while taking care of their workers so that argument is invalid. My question comes from the end of the conversation in which my house mate said
"The little rich guys at the top are always going to win. There is nothing that we can do about it so why bother?"

It is an attitude that I hear a lot. "You can not change how things are."

So the question is this: Is that a true statement? Is every mountain that is so high as the corporate landscape so insurmountable that we should just be content with living in the foothills in their shadow?

Nothing changes if you make no attempt to change it that is certain. Is there a limit to what can be changed?

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