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Monday, September 23, 2013

Spread the Love

Hey folks,
It would seem that there are enough of you real people reading this to keep the spam stats lower than average. Yay you! Could you do me a favor and spread the love on the blog around a little? Google is sending people my way from the Eurozone and Google+ is helping a bit more than I thought. But I still have vampires, zombies and fake adsense topping the stats charts.

I know. I know. I know..... upgrade the security software. I have to make an appointment for that and for the next two weeks work has me running all over the place. I have to write a lot today and schedule posts to keep things fresh and fun.

Well fresh.

No. Fun too.

My pen pal sent me a package of goodies from Germany. I guess the cats had fun sitting on it while waiting for me to get home from work to open it. They played King of the Mountain. And it was not an easy mountain for two hefty cats to claim. Kudos to them for even trying. Funny thing is, once it was open and they saw there was nothing in it for them they left it alone. Didn't even dig around in the cookies. Of course if they were dogs that would have been a holenutther episode.

Anyway... pics to come. I am excited as I now have a complete Matthias Reim music collection and a DVD. Swooning commences in a few minutes. Lots of time translating ahead as there are two cooking magazines with the most delicious looking dishes in them. Oh..... wow. I hate that I will be so busy at work. I want to listen to new music, cook, bake and work on my German!!!! But I still have to pay the bills.

In the meantime keep coming back, share some posts, +1 some posts... your clicks are like garlic to spammy vampires. Um.... Spampires? Did I just make a new word? Yep. I did. Add that to your lexicons!!

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