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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Bored Sherlock is a Dangerous Sherlock

Did I mention that I am laid up again?
I am losing track of time and it is only the second or third day of a new round of misery. It's the hamstrings. Once you tear one, the likely hood of a repeat performance is nearly 100%. And the odds of tearing the other one seem to increase at an alarming rate. So what am I doing while I am off my feet?

Slow cooking meat for one thing. Cursing Blogger for whatever bugs it is infected with now, for two. Dawn can't post pictures. I can't make links. And my colors don't translate as they are supposed to when posting pics from picmonkey. Contemplating being part of the Great Wordpress Migration. I mean really, if Blogger is going to be so stupid why not? That was the third thing I am doing. And fourthly, A lot of you Tube and Hulu and Netflix.

Yesterday I found some Sherlock. And I cheated on the BF and watched the 1st episode of series 3. Shhh. Geez, I wonder if he really does read this thing. Um, hi?! I asked. But the answer that I got could go both ways and I just chose to believe that he meant he is not a techno guy and that no he doesn't. I should clarify that at lunch before I get too far into things. And before I tell too many secrets. In my defense though, I really couldn't help it. I stumbled on the episode while looking for something that my friend Tee was talking about. Which I never found. And that would be because I was too busy going OMG! OMG! OMG! and cursing the day Anderson was hired at the Yard. The man really brings the IQ down for a much wider range than Sherlock gave him credit for. But no spoilers. I promise. Just..... OMG. You have to watch it.

Also, thanks to my friend Heidi, I am enjoying too much Swedish Chef and Statler and Waldorf. With the Boys in the Balcony being the most entertaining....

Also made a disappointing discovery at Hulu. Apparently, Castle is popular enough that you have to have the Hulu+ subscription to view the current week's episode. If you have plain old Hulu you have to wait and be a week behind the rest of the world. Sigh. At least  I know that I have been on team Castle since before it was cool enough to fall victim to the 3 Card Monte? I guess.

Also, as mentioned earlier, I think. I've been arranging my Boards on Pintrest. And in the process have found some remarkable things, artists to drool over. The art of Irina Vinnik for one, and this great poster of The Dirty Dozen for two. I have a staggeringly eclectic taste in artwork. I'm sure that I always have. I just see how eclectic it is when I look at those boards.

I've also noticed, that with a few nods in the direction of pastels, mainly in the form of baked goods, I gravitate toward jewel tones. I think that must be from growing up in the 80s and trying to run from all the avocado/olive/mustard/mango orange and rust I suffered with in the 70s.

Sitting here with the leg extension exercises and ice while everything is wrapped in a weird way that makes me walk like C-3PO, I've had a lot of time to figure out what to do about the next set of changes that are coming in my life. There is another move in the future. Where is a question. With whom is another. But the why is the one that needs answering. There is also a shift.

I tell you guys all the time what I am learning about being in your own tribe, among people who are kindred in spirit and share your general outlook on life while manifesting a wide variety of wonderful things to make the world, especially your corner in it, remarkable. I tell you as I learn. I share as I make some mistakes and as I find a success. I think we have gone over the pitfalls in letting your defense go on Auto-pilot and the disastrous HAL-9000 results that ensue. What I am working out now is how to tell how authentic those tribe members are.

It occurs to me that I may have made a mistake in the sweeping generalizations that have served me thus far. In particular, assuming that I really do need to learn how to deal with women, that all geeks are my geeks. I may not need to deal with a wide variety of women. It is proven to me time and again that those creatures serve no good purpose to me in the ways that matter. Is it that all women are false? Or is it that I do not yet understand how to discern those who will keep my oaths and those who will spread the information entrusted to them like New World Explorers spreading syphilis.

In general I have to say a sweeping generalization is useless. But in particular, I can not say yet how to know who to trust and whom not. So far it looks like sharing personal stuff is classified under "Crap Shoot" in the Life Experiences file. Though... I wonder if that should be "Crap Chute". You never really know you can NOT trust someone until the trust is betrayed. But how do you minimize those chances?

That is the question of the moment. And that is why the move is in order. I have chosen to live with someone who only superficially met my criterion for trustworthiness. And I can not get over the fact that I was betrayed. Not just in terms of personal safety. But financially as well. I've been operating under the assumption that my weird fiscal status meant that I was underpaying until an accidental slip informed me that until this last month I've been overpaying. And on only 14 hours a week! Credibility was a question when my safety was put in jeopardy. It is completely out the window now. So how? How do you minimize the chances of being betrayed?

Then secondly.... how do you steel yourself for the next round?

Honestly, I never had these problems with the Circle of Friends that I had my senior year in high school and the few years before everyone went off to University. I keep looking for that kind of total acceptance. And I am frustrated that I can not find it. They were a certain kind of people, the kind that the BF is. Either this is a rare breed we are talking about and I lucked out to be able to find 20-40 of them gathered in one spot, or the world is eating these kind of people for breakfast and the odds of growing that kind of community again are slim.

I don't know. So I think. And I entertain myself while that program is sorting out the details with a few choice bits from the vault that is You Tube.

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