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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun With Facebook

One of the joys of facebook is the tests and quizzes that reveal just what kind of geeks my friends and I are. Today, in a pique of boredom edged with a bit of sleep deprivation, I thought I'd take a quiz or two. Turns out I belong in the 50s and should live in the fictional city of Atlantis.

What? Atlantis?
You know I'm a gate geek and all. But yeah.... that was my first reaction to Atlantis. Not the things that I thought and imagined as a child when I first learned about that magnificent civilization. Nope. I had to wonder where the lemons are.

Stargate fans will get that. ALL of that. It is true. I have all of Stargate. But no Atlantis. And no Universe. It isn't that I hate David Hewlett. On the contrary he is brilliant. It is that I buy Rodney's character and his dumb ass shenanigans and would never be able to stomach the guy for more than.... well.... anyone else. All the things that you think about pretentious egghead scientists don't even begin to cover the loathing that Hewlett's performance invokes through Rodney.

Yep...... Weird. But I can handle my kind of weird.

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