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Friday, January 31, 2014

Boyfriends Ruin Everything?

I don't know if it is just the normal way my brain links things together within a certain scansion or if it is the meds making me hear Cindi Lauper's catchy "Money Changes Everything" melodies, and her voice singing my flat mate's new mantra

"Boyfriends ruin everything."

Really, it fits in there perfectly doesn't it? Maybe it isn't me. Maybe it's just the language of music and the fact that I have been on an 80s kick lately.

Why would she say that, you ask. Well, because I told her I would be at his house tonight and tomorrow (most likely) and she wanted to stay up late and watch Disney movies. I'm not opposed. But the last one, Princess and the Frog, was only mildly entertaining and didn't touch the inner child at all. Tonight was supposed to be Rapunzel.... oh sorry Tangled. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) I've got a great book of original, untouched, unsullied, unadulterated Grimm fairy tales. And Rapunzel is one of my favorites. And the book is so much better than any of the stories I heard growing up.

I like cautionary tales. When I forget the lessons of Aesop and Grimm I get lost in a world that disappoints at every turn.

Disney is great art, great costuming but not so great with the harder life lessons. And I guess after Saving Mr. Banks, we can see that the Disney legacy is all the feel good for the daughters coddling that you could want.  The payoff in a Disney movie is that everyone gets what they want. Life is a little more realistic, less butterfly farts and unicorn party hats. It doesn't have to be dreary and dull and full of toil and trouble. But c'mon..... there's danger when you're in those spooky old woods alone.

It's funny to me that she thinks Boyfriends ruin everything because in the movie we had just finished Tiana got a boyfriend and her life just broke the Happy Scale.

Still.... I can't get that song out of my head now that I've heard it.

And it's just not true. Boyfriends don't ruin everything. Not every boyfriend anyway. You have to pick and chose. You have to be careful. You have to look at what Jacob and Wilhelm were telling you about strangers, the guise of a pretty face and the wiles of jealous people and make your choices with a little more sobriety and a lot less hormonal drunkenness. And yes, I think our hormones make us punch drunk stupid sometimes.

I'm picky and I have a 20 year track record of being mostly single with only 2 serious boyfriends before this. Keeping in mind of course I never did snag Sir Knight. And I have the best boyfriend that I could possibly ask for, because I am picky. Because I won't settle for which ever bloke the Wheel of Morality settles on first. I know when to take a pass. And I know when to hold on with all my might.

And I am holding onto this one. For as long as I possibly can. I've got some hang ups to get over. But I don't see that holding me back for long.

And he isn't the kind of guy that is upset when the girls and I hang out so it isn't like I'm the one in an ivory tower. Oh wait. I am, kinda. The Ivory Tower of the Single Girls Club is a formidable structure indeed. When you try to leave it tries to suck you back in. I am gonna need some help getting out of this one. Good thing there is a charming rogue willing to help me out. No. Rogue is the right word thankyouverymuch. He'd be embarrassed by the moniker of Charming (which he is) but the connotations of the title Prince Charming are enough to make both of us gag a little. So if rogue he wants to be then rogue he shall be.

Boyfriends ruin everything? Bollox I say. And a pox on your house for saying so, sir!

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