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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Green Christmas this year

No snow for you!

2014 is a very different year from 2013, meteorologically speaking. Last year at this time there were feet and feet of snow; we shoveled every day for almost 45 minutes a day. There was enough ice under the snow that driving in town was extremely difficult and I found myself stuck in the driveway at least 16 times.

Last year there were lighted trees lining the deck and minimal decorations inside since my then roommate was anti Christmas. This year, the deck has no way to be lit, there are minimal interior decorations since there is little room in the home. And while my house mates are not the fanatics I am when it comes to Christmas, there were not opposed to a little cheer sprinkled about the place. So this year there are ornaments dangling in the breeze from the aspen branches we could reach. As as you can maybe see from the photo, there is no snow this year. There was a month ago before I realized that I should photograph the ornaments with little mounds of snow on the caps and icicles dangling from the bottoms.

I have to tell you that I do not mind the lack of snow. Without the snow driving is insanely easier than last year. And I am pretty sure I can avoid hurting myself this year... provided I stay off the hiking trails at the state hospital grounds. But that is another story for another time.

2014 has been significantly different than 2013. While I did have adventures with the 2013 roomie, this years adventures were significantly different. I learned how to do things; I tried new things. And I only had adventures with the room mate and her family in 2013.

I also blogged more in 2013 than I did this year. As I mentioned the posts significantly dropped off when requests were made. But I also had the right environment for photography with food and art in the other house. This kitchen is a little cramped and I don't really know how to photograph things in the weird lighting situation that we have in this location. The 2014 housemates are very different than the 2013. We spend a lot of time getting lost in conversations about things we have in common that have nothing to do with work. In 2013 the conversation was always bashing somebody about something.

2014 is different than 2013 regarding work as well. I've moved into a different position with far less free time than in the years passed. It is quite the change. There are days that I do not think that I am going to survive the physical pain. And days when the mental anguish of dealing with the myriad emotions swirling around me and my own frustrations.

2014, in its last weeks, has also brought home a significant reminder than the good times do not last and sometimes it takes longer for some relationships to digress than others. Allies are only allies while it suits them to be so. And some relationships are not over when you think that they are over. The safe haven that I thought I had at work became unstable with a prank. And a friend has resurfaced after a long absence.

I am not sure how 2015 will shape up. So far the relationship has been going for a year and while it has started out rosey and wonderful, as these things do, it has not been without its trials. In fact, everything around me has shifted in topsy turvy ways. It is impossible to know what will happen. For once I can not even predict the changes that are coming; I can not even predict a stabilization.

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