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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

That Was Not a Complaint

Somehow I think that the Universe doesn't quite understand that difference between commentary and complaint, like some people can not understand the difference between humor and insult. Granted, both are very fine lines. But I rather thought that the Universe was a bit better equipped to deal with things than the average Terran mortal.


Honestly, last year was as murderous a winter as care to experience for quite a while. It began in October and lasted til May. By Thanksgiving we have 4 feet of snow. And a week before Christmas we were gifted with a snow scoop, euphemistically called a Yooper Scooper, to deal with the 7 foot banks and constantly falling snow. By this time last year I was shoveling twice daily when my hamstrings weren't being assholes. It was windy all the time. By February, if I hadn't needed my arms for anything I would have cut them both off to get out of shoveling. This year it came and melted twice.

I wasn't complaining about that. All I said was that it would have been nice to take snowy pics with the ornaments in the trees. There is enough for photos we do not need more. We do not need the blinding snow. We don't need the kind of snow that doesn't know if it wants to be butter or sugar. We don't need packed snow pretending to be ice. And we don't need the kind of temps that freeze your eyelids shut if you are outside for more than 3 minutes. No one needs that.

The deep arctic plunge blasting toward the gulf was an unnecessary show of force.

I had so hoped that this winter would not be as harsh as last. I guess we are making up for the more than descent Fall. Oh well.... I guess it is a good thing that I have planned to take a bit of an escape real soon.

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