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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Blizzard

I may have to run over that fat little putti if I ever see him on the road.

Valentine's Blizzard of 2015.

There is a bad blizzard every year. It used to always happen on my birthday. Then a few years ago it was a week late. So I took vacation in anticipation of the inevitability of a. my car freezing in the Park position. b. impassable roads and implacable employers c. a strong desire to remain undercovers with a few great books and a nice candle.

And for 2015 Cupid and Neptune plot to release the krakken another week late. Vacation is over. I have to work. The car freezes in park. The roads are more than a little unsafe. I can not remain undercovers and my anxiety goes through the roof.

Cupid is not my favorite of the Greco-Roman gods. Never has been. The man blindly shoots his poisoned arrow, completely a whim, and the poor saps who get hit with it are rather stuck unless the Fates intercede and cut some cords. They are not likely to be that helpful. I always thought of him as a menace. And Valentines Day is the proof of that statement.

Neptune, in addition to being the mighty Poseidon, is the 15th named storm of the season. Weather channel let some kids in Bozeman Montana name the storms this year. They decided to get back to the basics of mythos and named every thing for the greco-roman pantheon and heroes. So Neptune, god of the sea that he is, gathered all the energy he could from the Great Lakes and dumped it from Michigan to Massachusetts.

Next in line is Octavia. Don't know what she did. Don't care. I just want the gods to shut up and go back to sleep. It is too cold. I didn't get a very relaxing vacation. And I am sick of having car issues. I am also sick of made up holidays. And fictionalized accounts of relationships that are designed to brag, tease or torment friends and acquaintances.

No relationship goes the way that you think it will. Valentines Day is just another way to lie to each other about how sweet and easy these things are. And it is a good way to lie to yourself, to tell yourself that every thing is as rosey as the bouquet you got. We liee about he sweetness of things as long as there is chocolate around. The only thing about Valentines Day that I don't dislike is the amount of daylight there is as a consequence of falling in mid-February.

Awfully pessimistic for a girl in a relationship isn't it?
But it isn't pessimism. It is realism. I like a bit of sobriety in my relationships so that no ones' needs are glossed over and real assessments can take place. I don't like anyone to feel pressure to perform. Especially myself. And I especially don't like people to feel obligated to do things to keep up with others on my behalf. The things that get done on Valentines need to be done consistently in a relationship lest one believe that a single day can make up for multiple days of being ignored.

I saw a lot of people out this weekend, storm be damned. And some of those people were not as happy on the inside of the relationship as they outside decorations would have one believe. You can tell who is in the sad relationships. It just seems so pathetic to keep pretending for other people's benefits when you both can see that things are not right. So why not put the effort into real affection instead of the frippery that is involved in the artificial holiday? I could be upset that schedules and snow storms kept me away from my own boyfriend.

I could. But I am not. I have always disliked artifice. Halloween and Valentines Day seem to me to be the two biggest day that people pretend that they are something they are not. I just have never been able to decipher which is the more sinister of the two.

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