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Monday, March 23, 2015

That's Not Weapons Fire

In the morning there are two sounds that are as abhorrent to sleep as the blank screen of death is to laptop usage. The first is the wailing screech of these little buggers. The second is the pew pew pewing of the cardinals that soon follows the screeching of these Blue Jays. 

I blame the Jays entirely for the ruckus. The start with the sound of a truncated English ambulance siren, going on for minutes about God only knows what. Then, when they have woken every other bird in the neighborhood, the Cardinals start. 

And they sound like laser fire in a Star Wars movie. Unlike the Jays, the Cards don't come down to the pine in front of the house where they can be photographed. And the Jays didn't really sit still all that long for it. It took an hour and a half to get the few shots that I did because the little buggers flit from branch to branch like Spiderman on crack.

If I have learned anything this last year is that it pays to be patient to get the good shots, cast bait in the right spot and not rush nature. It does what it will if you are ready or not. 

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