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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Walk About

It was too nice when the sun finally came out and I was too depressed to stay inside. So instead of fart around on facebook all day... I went for a short walk. I have a weird bronchial thing going on so it was a short walk. Anyway, this is what the lake looked like.

The surface of it is still flat and mostly ice even though in this photo it looks like there might be some wave formations. That open water is not very open at all. Only near the shore where the dead leaves are trapped is the water now liquid. While the air is still cool, the ground is still very much cold even though it is thawed enough to sink your toes into the beach.

It really is still too cold for that and I probably will regret getting my toes in the sand. None of the trees are even beginning to sprout buds. The only green is in the pines. And of course the water. For a short walk I did see some pretty amazing things. While I was hoping to see some signs that the mushrooms were beginning to sprout. There was no such luck there. I did find some coral mushrooms from last fall. They absorbed so much water they burst their stems, then froze so they are pretty well shot. And very brown and unappetizing to look at. I wouldn't try eating them.

Also found a fossil, some weird tree trunks and a half eaten meal a squirrel left behind.

And I discovered that the lake actually has an isthmus. There is an RV Park on the isthmus. I don't know how the other side of the lake is for swimming. But our side is mucky and grassy. This almost makes me wish that I had explored the lake more than we did last year. But I guess I will get to do that all I want to this Summer.

They say that walking and being outdoors when you are not feeling right in the head is a good thing to get back into the right frame of mind. I don't know. It was fine when I was out there. But as you see, I just went right to the Summer plans that are dead now. So I don't know how effective being outside was. I guess I still have to let time work its particular brand of magic and see how things go.

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