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Friday, May 8, 2015

Rebirth & Renewal

Perhaps it is because we are knee deep into Spring with the birdsong and the incessant trilling, chirping and croaking out on the pond and the sappy buds on the aspens are constantly sticking to the bottom of ones feet that I am thinking of renewal. Perhaps it is transitioning into a new job. Perhaps it is the loss of a relationship and getting reacquainted with the core of who I am. What ever it is that is the impetus...

I am thinking of making some changes to the blog. We just whizzed by the 7th anniversary of this blog.

When I began blogging it was as a way to get back into writing, something to keep me busy when the work was slim. Not long after beginning Geekdom, I met Shayne and we'd spent the next few years supporting each other's writing habits. Did I ever mention that he was quoted by one of his favorite conservative political writers? Dude writes for big papers and thought some of my friends' insights were worth a re-print. I've gone through two relationships, have changed positions within this company three times, found and lost Sir Knight, found and lost myself only to find me again and I have picked up photography for a low maintenance hobby. Friends have come and go. Frenemies have materialized. My lifestyle has been pretty well curtailed to something more simple. Since starting with Geekdom, I have branched out to 4 other blogs, made friends with a woman in Germany who shares my starry-eyed fandom for all things Reim. I've had a lot of firsts, made some strides in overcoming my inborn distrust of people and had my wariness justified. I've changed enough to feel myself to be significantly altered for the better.

There have been a lot of changes and some growth but the look of the blog doesn't reflect that as well as it perhaps should. After all, this is where I do most of my out-loud thinking. This has become my journal and scrapbook... a veritable daVinci's notebook (his actual notebook of randomocity not the band). But I realized as I was looking over some things to figure out which direction to go that I don't find looking at my blog all that interesting. The same widgets that have always been still are. And the Undershaw Preservation Trust is well on its way to accomplishing its goals. I do not need that widget. But the thing that gets me the most is the background... do I need it? Does the header still reflect who I am?

And I still question if I should continue to be on blogger. Wordpress seems more appealing all the time. So expect some changes.

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