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Monday, May 11, 2015

Shelfie #1

Michelle Ward started a thing a few years ago, a play on the word Selfie. Art has to have some kind of relevance and reflect its times but not be so obscured by the signs of the times as to completely lose its relevance. Selfies, I don't think, are ever going to die. And artists mostly would rather die than be on the recieving end of a camera's lens. It'a thing. I seem to recall a few conversations waaaayyy back when in which we decided that a person's collections say more than a portrait. Nearly 20 years ago I thought of the concept as a Shelf Life. And yes, the puns are strong with my friends and I.

Shelf Life or Shelfie... I still maintain that what you put on your shelf on display is more revealing than a 1000 self portraits. I don't think she would argue with that since she is the one who came up with the art challenge. But one thing I have to say about the difference between Michelle and I is that she is always going to be more relevant. She is either ahead of the curve or right there in the crest of the arc. My choice of Shelf Life is rooted, literally, in old school science on the Periodic Table. Her choice of Shelfie is fresh and blossoms out of our modern tech life. At any rate, I finally got around to doing something about my shelfies. Ok... one shelfie.

And, of course, it isn't even on the shelf. I don't have any in the room at the moment. Everything is still in storage, where it can be forgotten, left to languish instead of being out in the open as impetus to get back on my own two feet and not have to live with others. It is a very thin cross section of interests. By no means is it a whole picture. And it doesn't even really hit the highlights:

     • Science Fiction

     • Historical Fiction

     •Paranormal Romance


Dr. Who is represented with a story of 11 sans companions dealing with Vikings and Celts while trying to find an interesting game of Chess. This was a fun read. Brilliant in that you can be right there in the story as if you were really watching it on the screen. It was a quick read too.... 4 hours.

The Last Templar and the Road to Jerusalem are novels revolving around Templar knights. I haven' read either of these yet. I have however seen the Road to Jerusalem. A Scandinavian company produced a miniseries that showed up on Netflix called Arn the Knight Templar. The subtitles made it a little more taxing on the grey matter. But it was a really good movie and I am looking forward to the book.

My Housemate got me hooked on Odd Thomas. Normally not a fan of Dean Koontz, I was kinda skeptical. These surpassed my expectations, to a point. I can not get into the Apocalypse. I am half way through it and I haven't been able to finish. It's been waiting for me since last October. So now it is in the stack of books to read this Summer. I found the last Odd Thomas book in the bargain bin somewhere and I want to finish that by the time I have money for another trip to the bookstore.

The two books by Sherrilyn Kenyon were cheap. The last one of her Dark Hunter novels I read was Archeron. I don't really like the Styxx character so I haven't gotten that to read. These were in the bargain bin recently. Retribution was cheap enough to try out and see if I really had outgrown the novel premise or if I was just shutting down a love of books as part of the tightening the purse strings. Turns out neither was the answer. I just had some literary indigestion.... I'd read so many so fast in rapid succession that I needed a good long break. I am half way through Time Untime.

And of course there is the Frug. Always the Frug. A 2.00 trip into the past can not be beat. I'll be borrowing some of the recipes in the Ancient Cuisines this Summer. Especially the Greek. Greek food just seems to say Summer. All Mediterranean food does. But the Greek foods have a lot of lamb options which I like better than beef.

So what is missing from this snap shot?

Gardening books • Comparative Religions • Christian Apologetics • Books of Hours
Speculative Fiction • History • Biography • English Classics
Language • Metaphysics • Philosophy 
Star Trek • Star Gate • Humorous Science Fiction • Humor
Romance • Women's Literature • Fairy Tales • Children's Literature (illustrated)
Hobby & Craft • Coffee Table Books • Art • Fine Art • Writing

If I were a Vampire, collecting books would be a full time occupation and my collection would probably rival that of any Library on the planet, including the Bodelian. 

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