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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stupid Things Adult Say to Kids & Sometimes Each Other

Not for all the tea in China

One presumes that Chinese tea is valuable and that the totality of the product grown, processed, packaged and shipped from this country is quite lucrative and profitable.  We assume this is why people say they won't do things even if they were offered all of the tea in China. Should we assume? Should we assume that we know that is what is being said? Should we assume they know the current market value of this commodity and bid ourselves higher in the bribing?

I have more questions.

Would India tea be an acceptable payment?

Is this all the tea that is physically in China? Or do we mean all the tea that came from China period?
If the tea has left China and is en route to a distribution center would that be suitable payment?
If the tea has left China and is being served by, oh sayy... Benedict Cumberbatch, would that be legal tender to perform requested service?

If we are in fact talking about all the tea that came from China period, is that all the tea in China at the moment? Or for the day? Month? Week? Year? In the history of tea leaf harvesting?

How do you even begin to quantify this statement so that it makes tangible sense when negotiating? What the hell was my dad talking about when he said this?

Why do I keep saying this? Why do we say this to kids in the first place? I think we do it just to confuse them enough to make them give up asking questions. We do that to everyone. and it is so unfair.

Unless i am over-thinking things.

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