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Thursday, July 9, 2015

What a Day

I think we lost someone around a sharp corner. To the unknown follower who has left our ranks in the last few weeks, I bid you peace. To those who have stuck around.... I thank you.

The timing is rather suspect and I think that sharp turn I made on G+ regarding the chasing of uninterested females on hangout might have done it. But that is ok. If it was the guy that got mad at me for not wanting to pick up my whole life after 3 emails then I am really no worse off than before. In fact, I probably saved myself a lot of bother. The communication was beginning to smack of falsehood. Most likely another scam artist. Kudos to him for not being obvious about it.

So this is my second "day off" this week. I had a full honest to goodness day of rest this week. Today I came home early because I am not up to par. Not sure what illness has beset me but I am freezing and it's rather on the warm side. For being home most of today I am absolutely beat.

Politics and World News is ramping up my hamster wheel. Apparently this idiot thinks that we can work forever without taking time off. Next on the chopping block should be Federal Holidays, Religious Holidays and the over turning of the Family Care Act. It only stands to reason that this Lady Violet wannabe should reduce everyone to the status of the peasants he believes everyone to be. After all, it's the totalitarian thing to do. Someone really needs to teach this guy how to salute and how not to salute. His Third Reich is showing. And people are worried about Bernie Sanders ushering in a new Communist America.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders. I think it is important for these voting Americans to get some facts straight. Socialism and Communism are not the same thing. If they were then Socialist Britain would not have been worried about Communist Russian or Dictatorial Germany blowing the warmth out of their tea. One can not even really argue that Socialism is the gateway to Communism. If it were then all of the EU would have declared itself Communist and not one eyebrow would waggle in Ol'Vladdie's direction over the Ukraine issue. The election is a full year away and the Bullshit is spreading faster than gossip in a church pew.

I think Bernie is ridiculously optimistic that he and Elizabeth Warren can overthrow the Corporations that had the Supreme Court declare their business entities human in 1995. But if I am given the choice between ridiculously optimistic and the status quo I am going to go with ridiculously optimistic. If he can overthrown the totalitarian corporations that are trying to strangle all of us commoners with the very same benefits they had as they were enjoying as up and comers and learning how to take over the world then more power to him.

Confederate Flag Nonsense is still Raging on Facebook. Do these people have any concept whatsoever of intellect? Fans of the Dukes of Hazzard are reacting to TVLand as if they had just murdered Bo & Luke Duke instead of removing a poorly done show. Just because it was popular doesn't make it good. We had 3 damn networks back then and nothing in the other networks' time slots was worth watching. It was a dumb show with a catchy tune. But let's hate on TVLand.

Of course TVLand's reactionary stance doesn't help anything. One article made a good point, Hogan's Heroes is still on despite the slathering of Nazi symbols all over the place. Of course, anyone who has ever seen the show knows that it is a typical good guys v. bad guys sitcom with America being the good guys. Except poor Hilde, she was just Loni Anderson in pigtail braids and a peasant blouse.

The Confederate Flag might mean a lot of things. It may have meant something honorable at some point. But when all anyone sees is the bad it might be time to revamp the PR. One side argues it is a Patriotic symbol. The other side argues it is a racist symbol. From my vantage point Upnorth where the Confederate Flag is as popular a pennant at Muddin' Holes and Tractor Pulls as the Union Jack is anywhere in Britain, everyone is missing the point. It ceased to be a symbol of Confederacy when it became the symbol if Idiocy. Every redneck flies this outdated pattern as an excuse to behave as badly, recklessly and without thought to consequence as them Duke Boys. The main difference between the Duke Boys and every other redneck is that the Dukes were sober.

And yes, I have a prejudice. And no, I do not think that I am going to work on getting rid of it. There is a huge difference between being a little bit country and a lot redneck. The main difference is a lack of thought process and the complete disregard for those who are around them. Low class doesn't always mean poor. The poor are not always low class. But I haven't seen anyone up my way fly this flag that had any class at all. And that is where my prejudice lies.

Everyone looks like a skittle. Following the SCOTUS ruling regarding gay marriage, everyone has lost their marbles. On the one hand "Yay do what you want!" on the other hand are the lectures about what our founding fathers would do. WWoFFD?

The short answer is that they would pack up and head off to the nearest parcel of seemingly unoccupied land, finding it really is occupied they would start a war, plant their collective asses on someone else's land, declare independence and start a whole new country. What they did not do was stay where they were being oppressed and wail through gnashed teeth while wringing their hands about the end of the world. THEY MOVED!!!!!!!!

Not only did they move, they declared that NO ONE WOULD EVER TELL THEM HOW TO BELIEVE AGAIN. The United States was founded not by what would have been the Christian right (though I do not doubt that those who would fall under the modern header, the Pilgrims, were here first) but by Unitarians. UNITARIANS. The ultimate live and let live dissenters toward organized religion wrote our rule!  They left England and other parts of Europe because the Church was getting a bit heavy handed with the way that it owned, co-opted, bought or stole Royal seats. They came here and declared that no religion would dictate their lives. They came here with a decided, collective idea that the State and the Church should never be bed fellows.

But here we go with the Christian Right lamenting the corruption of the founding father's intention. What corruption? Unitarians, ONE STEP ABOVE ATHEISTS (because at least they tend to believe there is a higher power even if they won't call it God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Christ, Buddah, Allah, Steve) in the "spiritual hierarchy" (which doesn't exist), built this country. Unitarians, by comparison to the Christian Right are heathens themselves. Heathens in respectable clothing built America.

So let's get all mad at the rainbow profiles and declare that the country has veered far enough away from what the Founding Fathers intended as to require a rapture to fix it.

Everyone has lost their mind.

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