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Monday, November 2, 2015

Encryption Arrives

Blogger, a Google product, has finally decided that it will make life more difficult for those nefarious individuals who hijack blogs to continue to do so. Don't get me wrong. I don't know how this computer majick really works, I just play with the tools that I am given.

That is a problem. Blogging, in it's Incunabula, was for those writers who were also coders. The more blogging became a thing and the more the masses wanted in on the cache of being a blogger the more user friendly the platforms had to become. Today, most of those who blog are the pick a template, drag some widgets and gadgets and start to write kinds of bloggers. Customizing anything is going to be tricky let alone figuring out if we are EU cookie warning compliant or not. So how to do we protect ourselves from sites that clone/hack/copy our own sites? That is some thing that needed to be as cut and paste simple as, well... cut and paste.

Blogger rolled out an activation to enroll a blog in a HTTPS encryption so that no one can use our sites to send false information/redirect to other nefarious blogs and otherwise misuse the trust our readers place in us. It's about time. All this Russian sites that have been doing thing for years have done enough damage. Probably more than we will ever know.

I've been asking for this to be simple enough that I can do it without accidentally setting of a barrage from the Death Star. And now we have it. Just to let you all know, both 6° and Spilt Paint are currently encrypted to prevent further malicious use of my material overseas. I hope that doesn't affect how the site runs (I've been told that it could) and I hope that I don't lose the links to Youtube videos (which it might).

Incunabula: especially in books, is the origin or birthplace of a thing. I first came across the word in typography class. The first 50 years of the printing press' use was considered the Incunabula period for book and all printed material. It is in this first 50 year period of a thing in which the errors, bugs in the process or materials are worked out and the thing becomes widely available. I very greatly doubt that blogging will have such a long period. The odds are that in 50 years blogging will look very different than it does today and probably will not even be called blogging. Some genius will probably throw back to OS Trek and we will all be logging. 

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