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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Ranting We Will Go

The political season is making me angry. And frustrated as I have said before. While I was about to give up hope of ever seeing rational dialog again, I found David Gerrold. Most Geek know him as the guy who wrote the Tribble episode of the Original Star Trek series. David Gerrold has a fine mind. And we think a like. In the last week my Facebook rants have taken on the same pithy quality as my essays in school. Not only that, my brain is starting to ask questions and make connections that, quite frankly, have slipped in the course of the last year. That may be due to the overwhelming need to hide from the chaos of the world at large or to shut down to avoid the ravings of a mad man too close to be healthy. At any rate, I shut down. But the brain is on fire now. And the rants have been flowing. 
I am back to my old self. And I am very much aware of the fact that these are the kinds of things that I thought in high school. These are the things that I was interested in exploring while everyone else was having a party. These are the kinds of things that assured I would always be single. 
I give you a reprint of a rant today that I am actually quite proud of. For you, I leave links to the information. 

In reading through arguments for defunding welfare programs and increasing taxes on middle and lower income households while avoiding infrastructure upgrade issues and boosting war coffers made by people who swear by their Christian faith that all life is sacred, I often wonder: do anti abortion politicians see each fetus as a life full of gifts and talents to be explored or a life with a tax contribution value of 764K (Lifetime average), or 1.4 mil adjusted for inflation? Let's see, that's 327K (# of PP abortions in 2014) votes not placed 18 years from now, 327K non existent tax payers and a projected net loss for those lifetimes of 458 hundred billion dollars. -458 hundred billion dollars times all the years this number of abortions is performed...Do you people follow the money?
Do you think any of those politicians playing on your genuine Christian sympathy haven't found an actuary to crunch those numbers better than my art addled brain?
They won't help feed or educate those kids. As it is they are trying to cut aid to the ones who managed to be born while they are hamstringing the parents who's pensions were stolen, CDs have been devalued, farms have been stolen, wages have been decreased and who will have to work far longer than any other generation before us save our early immigrant ancestors who worked in sweat shops prior to our own industrial revolution. 
  • Those are also 327K + potential soldiers they won't be able to underpay to use as IED fodder.
  •  Those 327K+ lives won't be around to do jobs they don't want to do and couldn't do anyway because there are still jobs being shipped overseas.
  • That is 327k+ who won't take out student loans at (x)% interest, 
  • won't buy homes at (Y)% interest. 
  • That is 327K+ potential car customers at (z)% interest.
Those aborted lives that you call precious your government, bought and paid for by corporations,calls lost revenue streams. I am just cynical enough to think that gay marriage is opposed because it doesn't yield children (revenue streams).
All we are, when it comes right down to it, is a revenue stream. And quite frankly, I am not liking the theme of people only wanting me for my money.

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