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Sunday, May 8, 2016

You Can Always Go Downtown

Recovering from this heart issue is taking longer than I like. And I am getting a bit anxious about how it is all going to work itself out. In the mean time I am taking the opportunity to get back in touch with the activities that really have helped me to grow in the last decade. One of those things is the area I grew up in. There are many beautiful vistas and some quiet spots for contemplation. This week everything came into blossom so I will be out with friends who drive to get some of the quintessential and iconic photos of the area. And I need to go back and figure out why my panoramas didn't work today.

The next few days will be busy for me. To tide you over, here are some random photos from my therapeutic walk downtown.

This is one of three bridges that cross the Boardman River in Downtown Traverse City. The very last building in the background on the right is the courthouse. The Park Place Hotel is obscured  by trees in the midground. And fortunately, there were no cars during the busy lunch rush crossing the bridge.

The Central United Methodist Church's dome rises above the Boardman River. From this  vantage is seems to be the tallest building in down town. It is soon to be dwarfed by taller structures as the City Commission is struggling on building up rather than building out.

The top of the Park Place Hotel is a distinguished landmark rising above the treeline in Traverse City. It too will soon be dwarfed by larger buildings. Whereas the Park Place and the clock towers of the Michigan State Bank building and the Grand Traverse Courthouse were the most prominent features of the Traverse City skyline, they will be replaced. Several buildings already compete for attention above the verdant Summer and the autumnal tapestry of landscapes.

The clock tower of the former Michigan State Bank still shines from the corner of Front and Union. It has changed hands over the decades an still has remained a bank.
As kids, from any place we were in town. we knew that we were close to home, or at the very least how to get there, because this copper beacon served as a way finder. Between this tower and the steeple of the old St. Francis Church at Cass and 10th, we could always be certain of where we were.

One of the best things about Traverse City is the topography, landmarks abound and a talented parent can teach any child how to find their own way home.

I hope that you are all getting out and enjoying the Spring and Summer that we are being given. Explore your town with fresh eyes or look for the things that always bring you comfort. Seer them into you minds because everything changes. I photograph them because no one believes me when I describe the changes. At least here we have some proof.

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