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Monday, July 18, 2016

Creative Markets

Every Monday for the last few months I have been getting an email from the Creative Market letting me know that there is a new freebie deal to explore. The last two weeks have been very fruitful. And today I have been playing with some of my new downloads.

1. Herman decantus
2. Indenture English Penmen
4. Chalk paint & 5. Wolf's rain
6. Brother Nature
7. Remires & 8. Harrlems

These are absolutely scrummy & delicious. I've absolutely fallen in love with Caldera which comes from another foundry. Please, this is the new Papyrus. Let's not screw this up and over use it. I had a whole gallery of rubber stamp designs ready to go using papyrus because it truly fit the theme of the artwork and now no one wants to touch it. In truth I love all of these fonts. All of the fraktur and gothic fonts I've downloaded too. But these I think are really the star of this Summer's design work. 

Besides Creative Market there are other foundries that I've scanning. Indenture English, Pharmount, Herman decantus, and Chalk Paint come from Wolf's rain comes from 

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