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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Adapted to Indoors

Verdi is a grabby thing. He is always reaching for my hands and fingers. He takes what he wants and sleeps with one paw on his eyes and the other grabbing a finger or the bed covers.

It was a beautiful day today if somewhat chilly. So the blinds were raised and the windows cracked open for a bit. He laid right in the window watching everything until the rain came. And then he was gone.  I don't know where he hides during the day. But I totally rearranged the room and he never came out until his long sleep was over and his belly rumbled. He spent a few minutes out in the living room before Teeny got mad enough to chase him out.

Of course she is upset that there is a new cat in the house. She got a whole day of snuggles when the art session was over. And she found his food bowl and emptied it. So it's not like he is a total hassle. There are perks. She finishes his food. He plays with her toys. I think it's fair, especially since she doesn't really play with them that much.

He's throwing himself all over the floor playing with her toys and she is snuggled into the crook of her human's legs while we are all curled up watching British documentaries. He certainly has adapted well to being indoors.

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