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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Verdi: Legs and Tail

Verdi is filling out fairly well. He was so scrawny when he came up on the porch with the gouge taken out of his eyebrow and the chunk out of his chin. Today while he was running around on me I could feel the weight of him. He is all leg and tail. And energy. But he is filling out.

We don't see his ribs any more but his hip points are still quite pronounced. And you can feel all of the joints in his spine right there. But he is broad across the chest and is thicker in the shoulders than he was even three days ago. He's a bit of an eating machine so that must account for it.

He does fairly well while I am at work. Teeny is leaving him alone and he hasn't been looking to make friends with her. I think he gets really bored or really lonely. The first couple of hours he runs around like a spaz from one end of me to the other, over and around my shoulders and then zipping around the room. Once he settles down though he is as good as gold. His purr can be heard clear into the other room.

It is a comfort to have the little guy at home when I get home from work. This job is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I've been off my feet for 8 hours and the edema hasn't dissipated. I imagine that I am running a pretty high blood pressure right now. And having him around when I am sleeping is helping to manage that. But the swelling is going to require something else. I haven't been a pet mom in nearly 20 years. This is a strange though satisfying experience.

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