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Friday, November 18, 2016

2012 v 2016

Aside from the glaringly obvious fact that 2012 wasn't out to murder our childhoods by killing off our idols, 2016 differs from 2012 in one very noticeable characteristic. Division. You see, both years being Presidential election years, in 2012 is was perfectly acceptable to call for protests and revolution. In 2016 it is not. In fact if you protest the election of a real estate mogul to office you are a "crybaby" and need to "grow up." But when the very same real estate mogul took to twitter to rant about Barack Obama winning the electoral vote when he may not have had the clear majority of popular votes it was perfectly okay to do so.

Did anyone call him a "cry baby" and tell him to "grow up"? Not so directly or with so much spit and bile as those protesting the loss of the White House to Republicans receive to day. The repugnant qualities displayed by the winning candidate are shared, in my personal experience, by those who voted for him, the less than stellar examples of education in America. One man who holds a relatively high position within an organization and with whom I am friends on facebook takes every opportunity to call "Crybaby" on anyone who bemoans the gain of this greedy oligarch to office. We have some mutual friends who are quite intelligent who support him in the name calling and in blind, raging hatred toward Clinton. They have been to college though I suspect, in the practical application of education, they all majored in Partying with Captain Morgan as their department head. I also have personal experience with those who are proud to have no college classes to their credit. They all seem quite antagonistic and waste zero opportunities to revile Clinton, Sanders, Democrats in general and those they deem "Libtards" specifically.

A coworker asked me if I was at a local rally in which a confederate flag appeared. Controversy ensued and of course it is the major subject of conversation. So when the question came out dripping in sarcasm and bitterness I simply said "No." He launched into how this was the most fucked up election that he has ever seen and how he "cannot believe all the crybabies calling for revolutions, re-elections and garbage are out there." To be fair....

"Well, if you look at his," I pointed to his face on a magazine, "twitter feed from the last election he demanded they same marches, protests and the same dismantling of the electoral college by Republicans. It's just that the only people who had the guts to do it were Dems. He wanted protest and he got it. Just 4 years later and against himself not Obama." Department of Be Careful What You Wish For.

I'm really not certain what offended him more, the presentation of fact, the implication of Republicans being gutless wonders or the fact that he was, perhaps, expecting any answer except that one. His response to me was to visibly recoil in horror as if I had suddenly turned into a steamy pile of doggy diarrhea and his foot was about to sink into it. I went from "Lovey" to a vision of abject disgust in about two minutes and two seconds. I am not an active crybaby. But  I am a crybaby.

And if you think about it, I am in good company.

The United States of American was at one point a colony of Great Britain. Fed up with the madness in King George's Anglican church, economic despotism, the stranglehold corrupt ministers to the Crown had over the colonies by taxing (and most likely skimming in sly Nottingham traditions) people into starvation and the favoritism shown in the distribution of charters, a bunch of "rites of man", crybaby, humanists began protesting monarchical rule. After a hard fought battle led by men not only of English descent but French, Polish, Prussian, German and the colony born, this land full of immigrants won their freedom from the oppressive rule of English government and its Kings.

In fact, after the Revolution when the country tried to declare Washington a New King George, he refused with a swift and emphatic rebuttal on the grounds that they would be foolish to embrace the governmental controls that they had fought to abolish. The Fathers of the Revolution did not, in point of fact, wish to be a new England but rather to be its own country with its own identity.

From the British point of view I am certain that the revolutionists all looked like a bunch of crybabies. Certainly the governors who were collecting taxes, tariffs and imposing strict trade sanctions designed to enrich their coffers at the expense of colonies who were too far away to be of any real concern for the English Government, and therefore deprived of a checks and balance for their protection, thought that they were a bunch of crybabies. So, one could, in point of fact, fay that the country was founded by crybabies.

I am just angry enough at the people who are bullying others on facebook to post something of the sort there. I've unfollowed many who have shown their ugliness and hatred and wrapped themselves comfortably in their cloaks of condescension. I knew there was some ugly in them. But I also had hoped that they were just "going through a rough spot" which made them at times nasty and rude. But I have seen that it is their standard of operating. So the more that they are nasty and rude the more tempted I am to leave some of my own propagandist musings on my wall.

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