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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leveled Up Today

So I was at work minding my own business when this one co worker comes up and says to me, "So were you downtown at that rally yesterday?" I couldn't tell if his tone was snotty or not so I kinda passed the comment off with a "Nope. To busy trying to unsuccessfully get some sleep." So then he launches into this thing about all the "crybabies."

I've had enough of protesters being called crybabies when I know for a fact Obama's second term was met with calls for protests, lynchings of Obama efigies and a whole lot of crying and complaining on whatever social media platform was handiest. So I said, "Well, your Pres Elect called for protests four years ago. His 2012 Twitter feed is there to be seen. I guess it is only the Democrats who have the balls to man up and do it."

He looked at me as if he had just seen a pile of runny dog poop the size of Rhode Island under his foot.

I don't think he will be calling me "Lovey" any more.

By the way, I win.

I've pretty well guaranteed that I am not going to be getting any friends out of this job. As a dyed in the wool introvert who has had enough of her friends getting in her way... that is fine by me.

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