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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a page break in the monotony of SciFi posting:
I love words. I have devoured entire dictionaries to explore the nuance of the english language by looking at root words and their etymology. Throw in a little Latin, a whole lotta knowledge about a whole lotta nuthin' and you get my favorite list of made up words.
And here are the nominees in no particular order:

Geekdom: n. the realm of things related to being a geek and the geek lifestyle. I made this word up for my blog and then last week found a link to a site that freely admitted to "poaching". Of course I went a little nuts feeling like an egg in hot water... but hey, the word is now in the blogosphere so why do I care if I get the cred?

Descension: n. If a group pf whales is a pod then the swarm of diners who descend on a breakfast bar or other buffet/cafe setting like locusts on triticale is a descension.

Ignoratti: n. pl. plural of "ignoratus", a Latin derivative describing an individual displaying blatant disregard or ognorance of socially accepted behavior.
This word was developed after walking into a particularly disgusting room in which a guest had: cut their callouses and left the peelings on the floor, managed to fail all attempts to get toe nail clippings into the trash can, left snotty and bloody kleenexes scattered across the floor and allowed a candy bar to melt all over the bedspread. These things, one would hope, are things a person would be embarrassed to have friends see upon entering a home, yet... they do not mind grossing out the housekeepping staff with it. UGH!
see also sapiens giganticus ignoratus nonpatris, subspecies of human with the common classification huge ignorant bastard.

Wikipediot: n. an individual who depends soely on the internet site wikipedia for their research materials. This is a site that allows its readers to amend, augment and "edit" entries in its on line encyclopedia. Frequent and avid users of this site neglect to fact check with reputable sources in print or sites administrated by authors and experts on a given subject.

and my new favorite word that I found in my head during the creation of my last post:
Dreamscaping: v. This should be self explanatory. But just in case it is not; dreamscaping is a verb meaning to create with dreams. A dreamscape is a fabrication of the imagination which can be manifested in the physical world or left in the mind.

Enjoy these words. Use them often. Help our living language to evolve. And for more visit Professor Mike Sheehan at for my favorite made up word of all time, and I quote
Hesthographomania: which is the touristy compulsion to buy and wear clothing emblazoned with place names.

and just to make you all nuts:
... All I can hear are those
Words that never were true
spoken to help nobody but you..."
the monkees

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