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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freaky Friday 1985

So my 1985 looked a lot like this: wake up with music. Go to school. Come home. Do homework with music while watching TV. Babysit. Go to bed. Some weekends I would be at Paulette's house and it would be a lot of the same, sans babysitting but with the Atari and HBO interlude with maybe a dash of eye rolling while her and her sister Tammy, drooled over the Tiger Beat teens of the week. If the trip to Paulette's included cruising downtown I was hugging the floor boards in the back seat hoping that no one could hear the way she and Valerie were screaming and hooting at the boys... or that they would not recognise any of us. Oh. 1985 is also the year I discovered Dragonlance and borrowed both of Wayne K's books (Volumes I, II) to devour in a weekend... while drooling over their lender. That was 1985.

So my 2009 is looking a lot like this: wake up looking forward to seeing current crush to music, go to work. Work while listening to Police, U2, Depeche Mode, Human League, Thompson Twins and A-ha. Tease the crush while trying to avoid some tickle torture. Eat lunch with crush. Punch out. Run errands including a trip to Aroma's with an Internet TV interlude while eye rolling myself over my giddy teen aged and hopeless more than infatuation and not quite unrequited drooling. Go to bed.

Today though 2009 and 1985 collided in a bewildering flashback. After work I went home, changed clothes and wore my heels out to run to Michael's, praying that something my friend Michelle was absolutely art-geeked about wasn't as cool as I suspected. I sooooo do not have Spenser's detective skills. It was cooler than cool and surrounded by the absolute coolest stuff she didn't mention in her blog. It was totally 2009 when I got into the parking lot except that Soft Cell's Tainted Love was on the CD at the time and I am a 12 that can wear heels without her ass dragging her earthward. So I'm casually moseying around the craft aisles, knowing I can not buy anything because it isn't fiscally responsible... breaking in my calves/shoes and thinking about the way things have intensified with the flirty Sir Knight at work. I hit the "COOL" stuff and all I'm thinking is that maybe the GM won't mind if I dress up the laundry room for Halloween. I mean I spend 8 hours a day in there and after the incident with one of "Steve the Fruitbat's" congregants the MS bat stuff would be a Hoot and a Holler. (Any one know where I can get a realistic plastic/vinyl fruit bat for a practical joke?) I plot my future purchases carefully, leaving only with a chocolate bar and a $1.00 rubber stamp about balanced diets and chocolates in each hand.
While I am wandering around, ACG calls. As I am talking him down from the edge of his own romantic frustrations some woman gets up close to me and waves in my face. I know her. And her expression is all "cheerleader meets her bestest friend ever in the store and like OMG". I wave back with some aplomb... since I don't recognize her. I know her. I know I know her. But I know so many people in this town and she's lost some weight that I can't immediately place her. Within 15 minutes I'm pulling out onto Division/US 31 North and hear someone frantically and cheerfully screaming "Sherry! Sherrrrrr-rry!" like my sister and her bestest friend ever used to do when they saw their friends from our car and nearly deafened my mom in the process. So I call my supervisor, "Did you just yell at me?" No she didn't. We laugh. Guess who it could have been and call it good.
"There is always something there to remind me" comes up next. It's 1985 and I have a crew.

This is the craziest place I have ever been.