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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cue the scarry music

Again, NEXT BLOG button rules. I may have to have a new lable. This is more fun than when I first started trolling Blogger. The variety and quality of bloggers is on the rise.

Did you watch Mystery on PBS in the 80's and 90's? Did you love the music? The blakc and white animation? Do you recognize the artist's work when you find it in the wild and think back to all of those Sunday afternoons with Holmes, Poirot, Marple, Rumpole and company? Even now, when I sit down to a mystery or a suspense, I want it to open with an Edward Gorey animation. So when I found this blog, I was thrilled.

I have everything that the BBC has released for the Jeremy Brett Holmes series that ran inconjunction with WGBH Boston. In all of the special features there is not one reference to the Mystery! opening. It is sad. If it weren't for that pond-spanning joint venture I would never have known about this wonderfully true to print Holmes and Watson.

Go visit. Enjoy. Subscribe.

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