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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello again

Here we go, Everybody meet Kristen. Kristen meet Everybody. Kristen loves physics and would probably have been able to answer today's Aroma's trivia question: which is the only letter of the alphabet not to appear in the periodic table? I haven't verified the answer yet. But the answer will appear at the bottom of the post.

Kristen joined us this morning. I'm hoping that there will be some witty insights coming from our new physics friend. Or at the very least she will be the one to develop a Heissenberg compensator. Transporters! Woo Hoo!!!

the answer is J


  1. I find it kind of a strange coincidence that my name is also Kristen and I also love physics.

  2. Well normally that would be a synchronicity. But this time I think that it might be that you've joined the site twice. The Kristen we just said hi to may in fact be you. She's the feet pic under the followers heading... both of you are from the same town too. Spooky.