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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Intuitive Math

You know it's been a long time since I have done anything stupid on the mathematical front. I've been relying on the technology of our age to help me keep things straight because we have real-time banking now. And I've been doing well with the intuition thing. So what happened this week?

Well for one. I trusted my eyes. Where I have been trusting my intuition, which has said "stop. you don't have the money.", I have been well. Cancelled all kinds of plans for lack of funds, refrained from shopping for more than barebones groceries etc... My eyes saw a different story yesterday.

So my brain and my gut were at war and the brain won. I am a geek it should. Right? Right? Ri... you can tell by the amount of questions that it hasn't can't you? Drat! Now I know that I have a problem with right and left brain agreement so I set up my accounts to prevent me from making horrendous errors in banking. It is supposed to decline the debit card when I am at zero. It failed to do so. So the only thing that is good is that I may not have a charge for being overdraft. But the bad news is that I am still overdrafted. Thankfully not enough to screw up rent next week. And not enough to cost more than one paycheck to cover.

And what has this to do with Geekdom? Well... for one it is a lesson on diligence or discipline. You can not NOT! NOT! NOT! rely solely on intuition but neither can you rely on what your eyes tell you. The gut screaming that there is not enough money means that you have to look deeper at what your eyes are telling you. I would have found out that I did not have the money to do as I wanted. Only as I needed.

And for two. No matter how good computing is, unless there comes a microprocessor implanted in the memory center of the brain that can track the purchases that I thought I counted on but didn't post for over a week (which is today's issue. I share blame this time. Yea!) & can track with my accounts as a backup for my conscious thoughts then there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PAPER!!!!!!

And three the lesson here is that I have to change my thoughts about money. And I know I am not the only one. As Glenn Haeggee says, "The most powerful tool in your tool box is your checkbook." You don't have to love money. You just have to understand that it is the thing that lets you do what you love. And you do not have to hate it. As a matter of fact, hating money is probably the real root of my issue. Unless you are a genius Art of War kind of person, we have no respect for the things that we hate. And that let's us underestimate the thing that we hate. That allows the thing that we hate to bite our gizzards.

The things for which I have no respect, the things for which I have contempt are always the things that trip me wether they be thoughts, ideaologies, concepts, or people, place and things. And that almost always goes double for the things that I am afraid of.

So I guess I need to discipline myself with paper accounting. And really listen to what my brain says instead of running off half cocked after the things that my eye screams "Oh Goody!"

And live by the testing axiom: Always go with yor first answer.

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