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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monday Monday... oh Happy Day

Moday the 26th of November is a very special say. I am sure many in Korbach, Hesse Germany will have a grand day as will my favorite radio station SWR4. I have already the days treats. Now I will need to make the banner... take some fotos and still find a way to learn about the new computer before the virtual party is held.

I know I am crazy. I've been lauding the traits of obsessiveness in geeks for a reason: to seem less crazy. AND to point out that I am no more crazy about my fangirl worshiping with music and musicians who make it than everyone who is screaming at the television in the lobby at work over the Michigan Michigan State game. Or is it a MI and OH weekend. I don't care. Soccer (EU:Football) fans kill each other in the bleachers when refs go bad. I am having a quiet "I'd rather celebrate your birthday than mine" party of one. See... I am not crazy. For one I don't have cats. And for two I am not going to kill anyone who disagrees with me that Matthias Reim ist der Hammer. I might kick Roland Kaiser in the shins if he can't play nice in th emusical sandbox. But I wouldn't kill him. Or his fans. Soccer people are nuts.
MI/MIState fans are nuts. MI/OH fans are nuts. Hmm... in the case of OH fans that is quite literal as they are the "Buckeyes" (horse chestnuts)

I had a good walk in the bracing cold and I am too hyper to create art. But not to hyper to let my fingers fly across the keyboard. At least it is movement. and for once I can type as fast as I think.

So... for the weekend. This is it.
Hope you all had a good THanksgiving here in the states. And if the World celebrates  Black Friday shopping: I hope you survived that. Which reminds me: those people are crazy too. I know saving money is a big deal. But I don't think even Old Ebenezer would have gotten his boney ass out of bed at two thirty in the friggin morning to clobber someone for a good deal on anything. In fact, I am sure he'd have needed a ghost of discounts Past/Present/Future to motivate him. It just isn't worth nearly killing each other.
Hmm.... I wonder what Dick Blick is doing for online shoppers..........
um.... bye.

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