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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

random bits of nothing much

So one of my Christmas traditions is the assembly of some assembly required pieces. For three years I have not had the joy of fitting things together and improvising a hammer because I keep forgetting there is one in the scrapbook bag. It's for grommets and things. But it's no pansy hammer its still a good 12 ounces of whollop! Now all the things that I have had in piles this past year are organized and in a central location. Yea! And I have my studio mates handy.

For those of you new to the program, studio mates are the things that make being in the studio feel less solitary. Last year I added the espresso machine courtesy of work Christmas bonus. And this year it is the growing collection of Matthias Reim CDs. And of course the "Smoking Jaguar" mini is still present.

Has being organized made me more productive? Yes. In some ways. It's also made it easier for me to think "It's so organized I don't want to make a mess.". I know... ambivalence sucks.

The geek in me just can't help being excited about being organized and productive though. I'm trying really hard not to let those awesome cubes become the next thing to collect. I have to save my money because I have the sneakiest suspicions that Uncle Sam is eyeballing the pittance I made last year to put in someone else's pocket this year. I know I didn't hold enough for taxes. But good God! There has to be money for me to live on. Doesn't there?

Oh right.... maybe not. No money and no defense is the surest way of breaking a people to your will.... I sense a disturbance in the Force. Wonder what we can do to turn it toward those idiots in Congress. Actually what I would like to do is resurrect Lincoln and sic him on those guys. But I digress...

Productivity. That is the goal. Promotion is the future. Congress and all be damned.

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