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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Aldi

I went to the newest discount grocer today. Aldi. Maybe you've heard of them. The first time that I had heard of the chain was during a discussion on some money channel about Costco's history. Apparently Aldi is a division of Costco. And has European origins. I suspect that it began in Germany. I will research that later. Right now I am just so excited and happily content.

Unlike your Save-a-lot which only stocks the most common of household staples and in only the top 4 selling selections, Aldis has some variety for the gourmet palate. Aldis essentially in a mini Costco. And the reason that I suspect that they have a German beginning is because the fancy stuff comes from Germany. And. AND. AND! Aldis carries spätzle. I wish that they had the dumpling shaped spätzle as it cooks better in a microwave. But holy cow! I spent one half what I spent at Meijer on the same kinds of items.

Aldi also has a wide selection of coffees for the gourmet ground hound, international wines. I found a Riesling from the Mosel Valley that sounds promising. I didn't buy it because 10am is a bit early to buy things like that. It boasts a peachy apricot undertone, two of my favorite flavors, so we will see. And it was exceptionally well priced.

Everything at Aldi was well priced. Personally, I think that they had room for more aisles. So once people get used to it being here and start shopping there more frequently, I anticipate there will be some rearranging. And hopefully more offerings.

If I weren't trying to save money to move into a better place I could have gone nuts in there. Believe you me.... once I am in an apartment I will go nuts.

This stash cost me less than 5.00 You can't do that in any other store in town
I've tried. And felt guilty in the attempt. Now... the trick will be not to have
this undo my attempts at getting healthy.

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